Tuesday, 13 March 2007

save RINGO STARR's house from liverpool city council's demolition squad

Ringo Starr, former drummer with the Beatles, was born many years ago at 9 Madryn Street, Toxteth, Liverpool 8.

Unfortunately the Welsh streets area is under threat from the usual suspects. The working people's houses are listed in Pevsner's architectural guide to Liverpool written by Jo Sharples who only recently gave a guided tour of the houses of interest around Princes Park,Toxteth.

The houses are quite old and generally run down but lots of the residents would like their houses modernised. It could actually be a chance to convert these houses to environmentally sound buildings as it has already been proven that this would be cheaper than demolishing them and rebuilding.

Sadly the powers that be, Liverpool City Council, has already destroyed one of the greatest wonder's of the world- the Cavern Club in Mathew Street where The band honed their act in the 60s.

There are land grabs going on right now all over the city and many people are having their communities torn apart by the city council so that greedy property developers can build more soulless homes for those who could afford them. The locals certainly can't.

Sure, some residents want new homes but couldn't the council save our great heritage and rehouse the people that want to move?

I would like all the people who wish to stay in Madryn Street the chance to do so and then with any homes left I would like to see them used for Beatles related tourism:
Guided tours of Ringo's old home, a small museum,,themed cafe and gift shop. Using all the original houses of course.

. Think of all the Beatles' fans wanting to visit !

Time is running out FAST.

***NEWSFLASH*** JULY 21 2007***
I met John Lennon's sister Julia Baird recently and she has kindly agreed to help with the campaign to save this important landmark.

If you can help: please phone (44) 0151 233 3000 and express your concern to the council.

Or write to
Warren Bradley.
Liverpool City Council
Municipal Buildings
Dale St
L2 2DH
Or E mail


Magda said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging letter addressed to us at "Gloryland". We are Magda and Tarquin Maylam, and have been living in Madryn St., Ringo's birthplace since 1995. The area is close to 2 beautiful parks, 5-10 mins drive from the City centre, affordable for a young family of 4 (we have 2 very energetic little boys)... Still don't understand the Council's mindset behind such 'demonic demolitions' - greed is the name we have given them! Our homes and the land they are on are a private developer's paradise! We love them dearly, and found that the more work we have done to them, the more we tend to treasure them... Have been members of the Welsh Streets Home Group since 2005, trying to stop the mighty bulldozers of local and national government, but so far, it seems like our sound arguments against demolition have fallen on deaf ears. We are expecting a Public Inquiry sometime next year, and Compulsory Purchase orders proceeding it maybe this autumn. Heaven help us! A miracle is needed here.

Many thanks for your support again.

Magda and Tarquin

toodie said...

I am writing the Nat'l Trust this week.What a terrible loss to your heritage.I am now glad I didn't go to Liverpool for "Liverpool Sounds"when I was in Dublin last month.Instead I bought Ticket to Ringo's concert in Biloxi MS which was "out of this world".