Friday, 16 November 2007


The public inquiry has been running for 3 weeks and will now recommence in January 2008. There has not been enough time to cover everything during the inquiry at the Adelphi hotel, Liverpool.

The Garden Festival Campaign was out in force daily and put across an expert case for keeping our 'Green Wedge' for the people of Liverpool rather than allowing over 1300 apartments to be built by property developers Langtree McLean.

The Sefton room where the inquiry took place looked great with the Campaigners' displays which included a giant tree banner which said "SAVE THE FESTIVAL GARDENS' hanging high in one of the alcoves. Well done to those local people who made it.

There was also a giant colourful map (thanks to John Davies) of the Festival Site covered with post-it notes stuck on at the successful Futures Day held on October 27th at Lark Lane. The post-it notes were peoples hopes for the site.

There seems to be a desire for an ECO environmental centre like an EARTHSHIP and various nature style things like bike trails, nature trails and of course lots of trees.
There were plenty of photos, books, leaflets and literature relating to the Garden Festival, placards
(including SAVE THE PROM), a huge Earthship display board and giant photos of before and after the tree massacre (felled without permission by developers).

Big thanks to everyone who helped in any way whatsoever. We will continue to Save our Garden Festival Site.

***********NEWS FLASH************************

The property developers have been told to amend their "incorrect boundaries" regarding the Otterspool Prom 'land grab'. They have been pulled up for taking EVEN MORE of our public land. Well done to Garden Festival Campaigners for finding this out.