Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Liverpool City Council had a private (unadvertised?) meeting, January 4th I think, and decided to give the developers permission to start building the Waterfront park with public money. This incurred changes to what the conditions to build were which were decided at the public enquiry. SURELY THAT'S ILLEGAL?

It seems to me that the developers are only rushing through the park because if they don't build within 3 years from when they were given planning permission they have to apply again.

So, if anyone thinks they are lucky to get a waterfront park....think again. It's a dodgy move. It's all about the interests of the property developers and not the public.

Landlife, the park providers,  are actually unable to start though as their main man has had a heart attack. I wish him a speedy recovery but wish he'd reconsider what he's about to do.