Friday, 26 December 2008


It may be of interest to know that Michael Heseltine who set up the Garden Festival site in 1984 has a speech recorded by stenographers in the 'Hansard register'.
This register documents everything discussed in the House of Commons.

It's proving difficult to access the speech but I've been told he talks about building some houses (which were built 20 years ago) and then saying that the parkland is to be an additional green space for the people of Liverpool. I have invited Lord Heseltine to our TATE event to discuss this.

I googled 'hansard liverpool garden festival heseltine' and found discussions dated 17/2/82/vol 18 c167w and Garden centre (Toxteth) talks.
Mr. Patrick Jenkins gives an interesting speech on 19th December 1984 197w about how prom and surrounding area are for the public in the long term. This is found in the 'hansard register millbank systems' and searching liverpool garden festival.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


On Sunday January 11th 2009 2-4pm there will be food and debate on conservation and the loss of public spaces with people from the Garden Festival Campaign.

This will be part of the '5th floor project' in the International Festival space on the 4th floor.

There will be the showing of the deep ecology film 'Earth spirit action' for 16 minutes and then the campaigner's own film 'Garden Festival watch' 6 minutes long in the first half hour.

John Davies, curator of 'Cities on the Edge' book and photo exhibition will then lead a debate on 'loss of public space and land give aways'. There will also be other speakers.

The gallery space will be filled with banners, photos, food and information on our campaign.
There will be a live drawing being sketched by Canadian Artist Beth Shortt during the event

Tenantspin@ FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) are hosting an event which includes the Garden Festival Campaigners in their TATE television studio on the 4th floor.
This is on Tuesday January 13th 2009. About 12.30 tbc

All are welcome.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Public Inquiry result as Credit crunch spreads to U.K.

Very sad news to hear we lost in our Save The Festival Gardens Campaign....HOWEVER all is not lost as this 'credit crunch' means that the property developers LangtreeMcLean will delay building for 12 to 18 months.
The housing market may completely collapse so they don't get to go ahead building at all.
Meanwhile we must try and save the trees, shrubs and grasslands from being destroyed by asking the developers to leave the site alone for as long as possible so we keep our enchanting mature forest, shrubs and grasslands which are essential for bio-diversity and our health and happiness.

Saturday, 3 May 2008


There is a film called 'Garbage Warrior' showing at the Institute for Contemporary Arts,  London, at the end of May. It is about American outsider architect MICHAEL REYNOLDS who has spent more than 20 years creating beautiful earthships/homes in the New Mexico desert. They are created out of discarded beer cans, reclaimed wood, old tyres and clay, using new and unorthodox theories of architecture. He has a lifetime passion for sustainable living.
He is a 1 man eco-movement whose ideas will maybe help save the planet.

The film, by director Oliver Hodge, UK2007, 86mins, was shot over 3 years in New Mexico, U.S. and India. It is a portrait of a man energised by his dreams of making a better world. (Google : Michael Reynolds ICA film).
I would like to try and get it a Liverpool showing at FACT.
*****************************NEWS FLASH******************************************
FACT cinema will try and get a showing of the film to run concurrent with' tenantspin from the BOX at FACT's debate:
The end of my world
This is on wednesday August 13th from 2-3pm live on the internet (google: tenantspin)
This is a discussion with various speakers about the environment, consumerism out of control and what we can do to save the planet.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


If you would like to learn more about this sustainable building look at: or google low carbon trust
or e mail:

Thursday, 20 March 2008

EARTHSHIP afternoon on Sunday 6th April 2008

On Sunday 6/4/2008 at the Old Police Station, Lark Lane, Aigburth, Liverpool 17 there will be an afternoon all about 'Save The Festival Gardens' campaigners' plan for an EARTHSHIP eco/environmental centre at the Garden Festival site in Liverpool.Meeting starts around 2pm and runs until 6pm. All are welcome.
Local architect David Backhouse has designed a plan of an EARTHSHIP for the old dome site near Riverside Drive.
If you google: EARTHSHIP you will see what it is.
It is a fully self sustaining building made of recycled materials, built by volunteers and very cheap to run. It would be an ideal building for:
2009 Liverpool's Year Of The Environment
People in Liverpool could visit if it's built and learn about solar power, wind energy, climate change, reducing emissions, lowering carbon footprint etc.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Save the Festival Gardens Public inquiry

The Public Enquiry resumed again on January 7th 2008 in Blackburne House, Hope Street, Liverpool 8. This was the final week in the inquiry to save the Garden Festival site down by Otterspool promenade on the River Mersey. Our campaign would like to keep all the trees and build an environmental centre (google 'Earthship' for details).
The Daily Post's front page covered our concerns for the Garden Festival Site and Professor Bradshaw from Liverpool University, a well respected environmentalist who has been awarded a rare medal for his work (other medal awarded to David Attenborough), stated in the newspaper article that the site should be left a wilderness. The feature continued inside the paper as well.
It really is an ideal opportunity in "Liverpool's Year Of The Environment 2009" to build an eco-centre for the people of Liverpool and visitors to our city in the years to come.
We'll hear in mid July central government's decision.