Tuesday, 22 May 2007

BETRAYED by Liverpool City Council planning committee

The Planning Game.
'Screw the skylarks' seems to be the planning committee's attitude regarding the Garden Festival Site.
At the meeting on Monday 21st May in the Council Chambers at Liverpool Town Hall 'outline' planning permission for the flats was given and full planning permission for the 'manicured' park.

We've had feedback that we made an excellent case which was then totally bypassed, but the council officers were huddled in a corner having an uncomfortable time and the developers (Felltree McLean !) when questioned about tree felling outside the licence actually hung their heads in shame and a few blushed.

They claimed these extra trees needed to be felled due to them being dead and also anti social behaviour at the Festival Garden Site, but the only bad behaviour seems to be theirs.
This was enforced when they were informed that the Forestry Commission had definitely Not given permission for all this destruction.

There had been a tip off by a councillor regarding the outcome before the meeting started and if the decision hadn't already been made in advance to give approval, at minimum the decision would have been deferred.
This is Garbage on a Garbage Dump. What a STITCH UP !

There is a meeting on Wednesday May 23rd at the usual place to discuss the next step....possibly a Public Enquiry.......We'll keep you posted.

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