Monday, 14 January 2008

Save the Festival Gardens Public inquiry

The Public Enquiry resumed again on January 7th 2008 in Blackburne House, Hope Street, Liverpool 8. This was the final week in the inquiry to save the Garden Festival site down by Otterspool promenade on the River Mersey. Our campaign would like to keep all the trees and build an environmental centre (google 'Earthship' for details).
The Daily Post's front page covered our concerns for the Garden Festival Site and Professor Bradshaw from Liverpool University, a well respected environmentalist who has been awarded a rare medal for his work (other medal awarded to David Attenborough), stated in the newspaper article that the site should be left a wilderness. The feature continued inside the paper as well.
It really is an ideal opportunity in "Liverpool's Year Of The Environment 2009" to build an eco-centre for the people of Liverpool and visitors to our city in the years to come.
We'll hear in mid July central government's decision.

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