Friday, 26 December 2008


It may be of interest to know that Michael Heseltine who set up the Garden Festival site in 1984 has a speech recorded by stenographers in the 'Hansard register'.
This register documents everything discussed in the House of Commons.

It's proving difficult to access the speech but I've been told he talks about building some houses (which were built 20 years ago) and then saying that the parkland is to be an additional green space for the people of Liverpool. I have invited Lord Heseltine to our TATE event to discuss this.

I googled 'hansard liverpool garden festival heseltine' and found discussions dated 17/2/82/vol 18 c167w and Garden centre (Toxteth) talks.
Mr. Patrick Jenkins gives an interesting speech on 19th December 1984 197w about how prom and surrounding area are for the public in the long term. This is found in the 'hansard register millbank systems' and searching liverpool garden festival.

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