Tuesday, 9 December 2008


On Sunday January 11th 2009 2-4pm there will be food and debate on conservation and the loss of public spaces with people from the Garden Festival Campaign.

This will be part of the '5th floor project' in the International Festival space on the 4th floor.

There will be the showing of the deep ecology film 'Earth spirit action' for 16 minutes and then the campaigner's own film 'Garden Festival watch' 6 minutes long in the first half hour.

John Davies, curator of 'Cities on the Edge' book and photo exhibition will then lead a debate on 'loss of public space and land give aways'. There will also be other speakers.

The gallery space will be filled with banners, photos, food and information on our campaign.
There will be a live drawing being sketched by Canadian Artist Beth Shortt during the event

Tenantspin@ FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) are hosting an event which includes the Garden Festival Campaigners in their TATE television studio on the 4th floor.
This is on Tuesday January 13th 2009. About 12.30 tbc

All are welcome.

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